In a land, distant and forbidden, there is a samurai called Akio. He has to regenerate and increase his powers. Akio has to collect 7 power-ups in order to restore his abilities and fight the evil forces.
Now, you are in charge of fulfilling his mission.

So the game is really buggy, sorry for that. The scope got a bit too big for a gamejam. Here's a list of things you should be aware of:

* Right arrow key to start walking and then everything is explained in game *

* The sword is below the checkpoint in the cave! Don't forget to get it! *

* Please press R to respawn if you're stuck *

* You can run via double tapping left or right, if you hold both arrow keys, Akio is going to start moonwalking :D *

* The powerup in the most right part of the cave is for double jump, forgot to put a sign there *

* The powerup which is unreachable until you get the double jump ability is for dashing (hit an enemy multiple times to do double dmg or tap the attack key while running in order to dash) *

* Don't press Z until you get the teleport ability *

* While teleporting, any marked enemies will take massive damage, because of samurai shit like slashing *


Kindly thanks to:

- mary8 - proofreading, ideas and playtesting

- dcal5 - music and sounds

- LUCAS - graphics

- vortexofdeduction - playtesting

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